Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thoughts of Haiti

We had a Haiti team meeting last week, the five from our church and two from another church we partnered with on our trip. It was great to get the seven of us back together to share stories and laughter. But we also got to the business of voicing questions and searching for answers in one another's thoughts and impressions. Haiti is so complex. We've all talked about the many, many layers of issues and the too few resources and lack of leadership needed to resolve any of them. Who are we, this small band of God-seekers, that we think we could possibly have any impact on a country that has been living in abject poverty for so very long?

What I heard in this meeting is that we all feel our hearts have been pierced with a vision of hope for Haiti. Our hearts have been broken over the beautiful faces of children and mamas and pastors. We have been encouraged by others we have met along the way who share the same vision. Our hearts are open to God's Spirit and we are willing to go where he leads us, wherever that may be and in whatever capacity He may call us. Our hearts are full, we have fallen in love and we won't be discouraged. We are committed and we know it will take many other hearts and many other hands and feet to go and stand behind us and pray to make this happen.

We watched the
video during our worship service in church today. I've watched that video a dozen times and I still sob every time. I want to go back. I need to go back. I'm ready. After church, we had lunch with Wes, an amazing young man who has partnered up with Global Orphan and has made the committment to live in Haiti. He shared about some of the difficulties he's encountered in living there a few weeks now. Listening to him only made me want to be there all the more.

Please pray that God will prepare a way, that He will go ahead of us and lead us. Pray that we would keep our hearts broken and yielded to Him. Pray that others will hear not just the words we share but that they will hear our hearts and God's voice and that they too will catch the vision.

Peace to you.

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