Saturday, September 4, 2010

Haiti Day Three: Lutheran Church, MaPou and Fayeton

So after spending the morning at Bienac, we headed off to another area of Gonaives. We visted a parcel of land that is owned by the Lutheran Church in Gonaives and who is working with Global Orphan to establish another orphanage in the area. This is a large lot with plenty of room for the planned clinic, houses for boys and girls, church and school and possibly a trade school. That seems to be the model for Global Orphan and I think it's a good one. If there are going to be lasting changes made in Haiti, it needs to start with the children, giving them a healthy life, giving them a good education and teaching them a trade in order to support themselves and provide for their families. Teach them about God and have a church that will reach out to the community and draw others in.

This building, we were told, will be the site of the clinic. here. We seemed to attract the attention of some of the neighborhood children while we were there.

Next, we went to MaPou (pronounced ma-poo). This is a village north of Gonaives. Driving through the village, you could see that it was more rural, actually a very nice area. The orphanage there has several buildings, including this very spacious church/school building.

Some of us stayed inside and colored with the children.

Others were outside playing a little soccer with the older kids.

Some of us got rather attached to one or two of the children. Actually most of us did at at least one of the orphanages were visited. It was hard not to let your heart get captured by one of these precious ones.

Doug fell in love with this tiny girl. Her name was Daska.

It seemed everywhere we went on this trip, we encountered others from the States who were there to help. It was just remarkable how God orchestrated that! The wonderful thing about that is we all were able to share our ministries with one another and encourage one another and commit to pray for one another. Doug happened to run into a fellow who is from the same church as his son in Indiana.

Our next stop was Fayeton which I think is another village just outside of Gonaives, though I can't find it on any map so it could be just the name of the orphanage. It also was very spacious and included large buildings for housing, church and school. I'll just let you look these a few photos of the children there.

This spunky little girl will be a model... she wanted to pose for shot after shot!

Joseph Volcy, the kids love him!

We did a lot of this. Love this shot.

A new friend, Schaun Colin. He taught me what it means to be real and brave.

Marsha Campbell, our leader from Global Orphan. I learned from her as well... a heart full of love, patience, keeping a positive attitude even when things don't go as planned. Love her.

One of the mamas coloring with the kids. Some of them are still such little girls at heart .

Frank with his lap full of children. Frank has taught me what it means to have a servant's heart.

And Dr. Jerry was especially attached to this little guy.

I'll leave you with this final shot. If this doesn't break your heart for these children...

Tomorrow is Sunday... we'll be going to one of the local churches, then traveling back to Port au Prince.


  1. Love the shot of Doug and Daska looking at one another, the hand holding picture and of course the last picture of that little cutie in the hat!

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