Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Evening Thoughts

Several months ago I felt like God was telling me to put my painting aside, to lay down my art for a season. And I did. But this week I am feeling so inspired and the creativity is just pouring out of me. I've done two paintings in two days and that makes me so happy! Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I've reconnected with some old friends lately. It makes me happy but sure stirs up some confusing feelings. There are a couple I want to be more connected with but seems they don't necessarily feel the same. That part makes me sad but just knowing they are still out there gives me hope.

I'm going to Haiti in September. I'm so excited and grateful for the opportunity but also feeling a little fearful. Not about going but about what this trip will do to my heart. I know it won't be easy to see the extreme poverty and the orphaned children. I'm trying to prepare myself but I have a feeling no matter what I do, I won't be prepared.

I'm working on getting in better physical shape. I went to Longview Lake today and walked on the trails there for over an hour. I was so hot and so tired but it feels so good to be active again.

I'm ready to wind this day down and bring it to a close.


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