Sunday, January 18, 2009

New blog and Sunday morning

I'm officially making the move to this new blog. I've been hitting the paints hard this past week, feeling more creative than I have in a long while. And this space allows for more creativity.

I was naughty this morning and skipped church. I worked 10 hours yesterday and needed some downtime so I've spent the morning on the couch, sipping my yummy coffee, blogging, taking a few photos and posting, and now I need to go clean up my art space.

Tonight is the celebration of my youngest daughter's 21st birthday. I am now officially old.

Have a peaceful day,


  1. Oh, geez, well my DD turns 21 in July, so I'm not far behind ya. I am actually looking forward to it. She cannot wait! lol

  2. Pearl, knock,knock, where ARE you, girl? Hope everything is okay with you. Blog soon! I left you an award >here, so come see. xoxo